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Please pass the word on to those interested that I am offering High School senior class portraits this season at a special rate for those who can schedule a portrait session in July and August.
My specialty is outdoor photography and I am right next to a beautiful Wisconsin state park.  I am willing to travel around the Madison area.
I am creative with ideas that are outside the standard portrait poses.  Suggestions are welcome to help customize the look and feel of your portraits.  Portrait sessions are always fun and laid back.  I love this aspect of photography.
Those interested in seeing my portfolio and to schedule a free consultation may contact me at I appreciate your help in networking this creative service.
Let's say you're a hobgoblin for 24 hours. What sort of havoc would you wreak? Or: If a baby of unknown origins suddenly fell into your care, would you keep it? What would you name it?
As a 24hr hobgoblin, I would play with my twins - dangle their toys just out of reach and fill their pretty heads goblin speak.  Also, I would go to everybody's garden who I find irritating and pull out all their carrots, radishes, lettuce, eat their watermelon, poke holes in the tomatoes, carve spooky faces on the pumpkins (of course this part is season dependant).

Baby of unknown origins suddenly fell into my cave - oh wait, that happend!  And they are non chlorophyllic too - perfect in a cave situation.  My cave was infested with genetics of unknown origin!
Has anyone photographed or has attended a wedding at the Stoughton Opera House?  www.stoughtonoperahouse.com
I have an opportunity to photograph here and any insignt is appreciated.

Orchid Quest 2008

For those of you who have inquired - Yes, I will be exhibiting my photography at Orchid Quest 2008.
Flora & Fauna Photography presents: “An Orchid’s Intimate Photo Shoot” by Gwyn E. Padden-Lechten

“Chase away the winter blues”


Escape the snow and short cold days by visiting paradise at Orchid Quest 2008 where your senses will be awakened by hundreds of blooming orchid plants.  There are orchid exhibits ranging from 25 to 100 square feet.  Not only are the plants beautiful, many smell fantastic and bring warmth to the frigid winter.  This is one of the largest orchid shows and sales in the Midwest. 


Each afternoon there will be orchid related educational seminars that are conducted by renowned orchid experts.   More than 20 orchid vendors from the Midwest will be selling their exotic blooming orchids.  You will be able to find everything you need to take care of your new plants including literature, growing media, fertilizer, orchid pots, and more.


Orchid Quest 2008 sponsored by the Madison Orchid Growers Guild, will be held at Alliant Energy Center in Exhibition Hall Saturday and Sunday, February 2, 10 AM to 5 PM and Sunday February 3, 10 AM to 4 PM.   One day entry fee is $6.00, two day pass is $9.00.  Senior discount honored.

Photography Opportunity

This morning I received an email from a frend with the subject line:  Calling All Photographers
As I read the email, my heart fills with intense emotion and I hear myself say "this is right".  I get to the registration details and learn this conference is in Boulder, CO with registration at $350.  This does not include travel and lodging.  My heart sank.
Now I think, how can I pose this to my husband who is home with the twins because he is laid off from his job.  This would be a tough sell on our tight budget.  The twins come first.
I ask you for guidance as to how I can find a sponsor for this opportunity.

Today is a beautiful day in Southwestern Wisconsin.  Where I live is the highest elevation in SW WI.  The fog is shifting about creating pockets of mystery in Her woodland hills.  Crystal kisses linger on leaves and branches.   A photographer’s wonderland.


Yule Faire

Flora & Fauna Photography will be participating in the Yule Faire tomorrow 02 Dec 2007 at the Madison Senior Center.
I have lots of new photos available as greeting cards and in prints.  There is still time to place your Yule order this weekend for Yule cards. Orders for enlargements up to 16x24 guaranteed ready by Yule.
Don't let the snow keep you from stopping by.  Hope to see you all there.  Cheers!

Bento lunch gift


Thank you

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